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The bg真人 Tablet

The Story of the bg真人 Tablet
Tyler Swinney
The bg真人 Tablet, approx. 1,200 years old, was discovered during 19th-century construction in downtown bg真人.
man holding book page

From the Card Catalog to the Internet
Christine Engels
The challenge facing me and my team is to fit older collections into these new standards and to get them online so researchers can see that we have them.
The Invertebrate Paleontology Collection at bg真人 bg真人 Center

A bg真人 Without Walls: Invertebrate Paleontology Collection Now Online
Brenda Hunda
Accessing information has traditionally been done through contact with curatorial staff or in-person visits to collections, until now.
Curve Lionel Hampton poster

Lionel Hampton at bg真人’s Regal Theater
Scott Gampfer
Lionel Hampton, renowned jazz musician and bandleader, known for his work on the vibraphone, piano, and drums, appeared at bg真人’s Regal Theater on Saturday, August 18, 1956.
A sample of Google's Egypt questions

Egypt’s Most-Searched Questions
Chris Dobbs
bg真人s answer questions. But who’s asking? One place that’s full of questions is Google. In Most-Searched Questions, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to answer some of the most interesting questions the world has ever asked Google.
CMC's records on iDigBio

A bg真人 Without Walls: Technical Aspects
Anne Kling
In an earlier post, we announced the sharing of over 60,000 of bg真人 Center's Invertebrate Paleontology records to the global iDigBio website and explained how this benefits the scientific community. But, how does this actually happen? What steps are involved to place our records on an international research platform?
Bengals program

Programs From the Original bg真人 Bengals
Scott Gampfer
The original bg真人 Bengals professional football team was established as part of the American Football League in 1937. The AFL folded after the 1937 season, so the Bengals continued as an independent team until the formation of a new AFL in 1939.
10 Reasons pamphlet

The Fight for the Vote
Sarah Staples
For many years, women in this country were denied even the most basic constitutional rights. They could not speak publically, sign contracts, gain a formal education, successfully own property separate from husbands or fathers or retain custody of their own children.
sidney maxwell papers

Collections 101: What’s a Collection? Does your collection have good provenance?
Anne Kling
bg真人s and libraries collect materials in an effort to document human history and to learn more about the natural world. bg真人 Center acquires and preserves its collections of historically- or scientifically-important items as a public trust.
bg真人 Union Terminal, c.1933.

Portal to the World: bg真人 Celebrates Its New Railroad Terminal
Scott Gampfer
On March 31, 1933, a turn of a ceremonial gold key unlocked the doors of bg真人’s brand new Union Terminal. The newspaper declared that a portal to the world had swung open.
Back of CMC’s copy of the Holt broadside

The Holt Broadside Printing of the Declaration of Independence
Scott Gampfer
On the evening of July 4th, 1776, Philadelphia printer and engraver John Dunlap, official printer to the Continental Congress, was given an order to print broadside copies of the Declaration of Independence. It is believed that Dunlap likely printed at least 200 copies that night and perhaps more.
What Could Have Been: Terminal Towers

What Could Have Been: Terminal Towers
Scott Gampfer
Union Terminal now houses three museums and an OMNIMAX Theater, but it could have been utilized in a completely different way!
Isotelus: Ohio State's Fossil

Isotelus: Ohio State’s Fossil
Brenda Hunda
Meet your state representative. I am not referring to your state senator or your district representative. This is a representative of Ohio’s rich and significant paleontological past.
Different seed mixes

Bird Feeding Tips for National Bird Feeding Month
Emily Imhoff
Feeding wild birds is fun and relaxing for the whole family, and can help bring you closer to nature – or, rather, bring nature closer to you!
union terminal in september 2018

bg真人 bg真人 Center Has Reopened!
Chris Dobbs
After a two-and-a-half-year restoration, bg真人 bg真人 Center is once again open to the general public. Construction on the building's first full structural restoration began in earnest in July 2016, when Union Terminal's iconic Rotunda was sealed off from the public.